Wordpress Online Store

Client: YourTone

Context and Objectives

To increase brand awareness, sales, and more efficient management of the customer’s resources, a responsive online store design had to be developed on cross-platforms. Another main requirement was a logo to be designed inspired by the identity of the brand. The brand essence was supposed to be determined as well through the visual choices made for the website.


We have created a scalable architecture filled with SEO-friendly content with the help of DevOps tools. The website allows users to easily browse through the brand’s catalog on all platforms (Smartphone, Tablet, and PC) and purchase with the click of a single button. One of the main client requirements was the platform to be easily editable therefore we added a specific interface giving the client the option to easily update its brand’s portfolio.

Used Technologies:

PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor logo


  • Corporate identity
  • User friendly online store
  • Easily editable content which allows the user to easily update the brand’s portfolio
  • Responsive design
  • Cross-platform usage
  • SEO Optimization