Engineering Projects

Electromobility, driver assistance, charging management and charging electronics are the future.

Through different engineering services we accompany our partners from the automotive industry and the middle class in the development of their innovative solutions.

Embedded Software Development


Client: Bertrandt Ingenieurbüro GmbH

Project of: BMW AG

Project: Embedded software Development and integration of a control concept for controlling the charging electronics in an electric vehicle with a focus on ripple minimization during charging


  • Modeling and simulation of the control concept
  • Programming of the control algorithm on the target microcontroller
  • Commissioning on the existing prototype

Tools: Matlab / Simulink, Simscape Electrical, C++, TI CCS

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Circuit optimization


Client: Bertrandt Ingenieurbüro GmbH

Project of: BMW AG

Project: Circuit optimization of the power electronics in an on-board charger


  • Hardware optimization of the existing prototype
  • Low Voltage measurements on the prototype
  • Increase in power density

Tools: Altium Designer, Simscape Electrical

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Engineering Consultancy


Client: Xlyne GmbH

Project: Evaluation of ways to improve the battery life of a smartwatch


  • Comparison of battery consumption between predecessor model and current model
  • Checking the source of the higher battery consumption / lower battery life
  • Suggestions for improving the term

Tools: LV-Labor

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IT Projects

Digitization enables greater efficiency in organizing business processes and managing ever-increasing amounts of data.

With our IT services, we help our clients with digital transformation and put a lot of emphasis on our long-term partnerships in the IT industry.

Digitalization – Development of a Desktop Application for internal purposes


Referenz Digitalisierung DownloadClient: NetGovern / Netmail EMEA GmbH

Project: Development of an internal desktop application for the observation of the active users in the customer system


  • User-friendly dashboard interface
  • Display detailed information about accounts, resources, locations and customer
  • Creation and export of statistical reports in various formats
  • Regular unattended execution and storage of statistics in the database

Technologies: ElectronJS, JavaScript, LDAP, Apache SOLR, mySQL

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Email Migration – Development of a Data export tool


Client: NetGovern / Netmail EMEA GmbH

Project: Development of a tool for the export of large amounts of data from the existing customer e-mail system (OpenText) and its storage in the same structure

  • Email migration
  • Possibility for a selective export

Technologies: NodeJS, JavaScript, REST API, OpenText

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Data Export – Development of an Interface


Client: Netmail EMEA GmbH

Project: Development of an interface for the export of complex data from the existing customer archive system (accounts, rights, resources, assignments)

  • The data is structured in a desired format, converted and prepared for import into the OIS management system
  • The tool runs automatically.

Technologies: JAVA, LDAP, Active Directory

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