Electromobility, driver assistance, charging management and charging electronics are the future and now. Through various engineering services, we accompany our partners from the automotive industry and SMEs in the development of their innovative solutions.

At the same time, digitalization enables greater efficiency in the organization of business processes and the management of ever-larger volumes of data. With our IT services, we support our customers in the digital transformation and place great value on our long-term partnerships in the IT industry.


Control of the charging electronics in an Electric Vehicle

Bertrandt Engineering Office GmbH
Embedded SW / Control / Simulation
tools: Matlab / Simulink, C++, TI CCS

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Optimization of power electronics in On-board Charger

Bertrandt Engineering Office GmbH
Circuit design / power electronics
tools: Altium Designer, Simscape Electrical

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Modelling the thermal behaviour of an Inverter

Bertrandt Engineering Office GmbH
Simulation / Power Electronics
Tools: Matlab/ Simulink, ANSYS

Battery life improvement of a Smartwatch

Xlyne GmbH
Engineering Consulting / Circuit Optimization
Low Voltage Laboratory

Desktop application for Monitoring Active Users

NetGovern Inc. / Netmail EMEA GmbH
Digitization / UI/UX Design / Business
JavaScript, ElectronJS, Bootstrap, LDAP, Apache SOLR

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Tool for exporting large email volumes

Netmail EMEA GmbH
E-Mail-Migration / Individualsoftware
NodeJS, JavaScript, REST API, OpenText

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Interface for User Data Export

Netmail EMEA Ltd.
Data Export / Custom Software Development
JAVA, LDAP, Active Directory

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Admin Monitoring Dashboard

Netmail EMEA GmbH
Digitalization / Business Process Management
JavaScript, VueJS, PHP, mySQL

Email Migration Software - Coexistence Manager

Netmail EMEA Ltd.
Custom Software Development
Vue.JS, Sass, PHP, SQLite

Connection/Link and management of MS Teams account data

Netmail EMEA Ltd.
SaaS / Tool Development
Python / Microsoft Graph API

Netmail Cloud Portal

Netmail EMEA Ltd.
Web Portal Development
JavaScript, ReactJS, HTML5, mySQL

Add-in for forwarding emails from MS Outlook to IBM Notes

Netmail EMEA Ltd.
SaaS / Tool Development
C# / Visual Studio 2019 / MS Office / IBM Notes

Revision and Extension of a WordPress website

G.A.M.E. Ltd.
Wordpress Development / UI / UX Design
Wordpress, CSS, HTML5, PHP, ACF

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Wordpress | Online Shop
Wordpress, WooCommerce, CSS, HTML5, PHP

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Interface for converting IBM .CSN emails to XML

Netmail EMEA GmbH
E-Mail Migration / Custom Software
JAVA / IBM eDiscovery Manager REST API / Eclipse